VIA is a VISUAL, INTERACTIVE and APPROACHABLE way to present information to your teams.

Are you looking for a better way to develop a guideline, learning tool or training modules for your teams or business partners? Develop a VIA and make information delivery Visual, Interactive and Approachable.


Why develop a Visual guide?

Research has shown that people remember visual images better and more easily than they remember words. We’ve looked at how people prefer to learn and play, and used this approach to develop a highly visual, interactive, and approachable platform for learning, training, and storing information.

Tailor made to fit your needs

GoBlu’s VIA platform is flexible and can be tailored to a variety of needs. We have a library of content that you can pick and choose from to make the tool to your liking. Or, you can incorporate your existing materials and convert them into our tool.

The look and feel of the tool is also customizable. We can integrate your company's images, colors and fonts, too!

Endless topic options, fully interactive

Target: Internal Organisation

Sustainability 101

Design for Longevity and Durability

Circular Design

Design to Minimize Waste

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Chemistry and Processes

Target: Supply Chain Partners

Code of Conduct

Energy Efficiency

RSL & MRSL Compliance

Lean Manufacturing

Water Efficiency

Chemicals 101 & Sustainable Processes

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