Our Pillar 2 work addresses the issues where impact is the greatest; in the supply chain.

With decades of experience working with the supply chain, we understand the concerns and needs of suppliers. Our team, working together with local partners, is able to transform obstacles into opportunities, achieving tangible improvements to support business as well as sustainability goals.

We work with our client brands, retailers, and factories based on existing standards and frameworks, such as the Higg Index and industry MRSL. Alternatively, we work with clients to develop a distinct a set of requirements that fit their unique needs and ambitions.

Clarity, simplicity and creating added value for clients and their supply chain partners; this is the foundation of our work.


Factory Assessment and Improvement

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Technical Capacity Building

Resource Management and
Cleaner Production



Data Management and Verification

Factory Assessment and Improvement

We offer several approaches to assessment and improvement that can be tailored to your particular needs.

Higg Training and/or Verification:Working onsite with our SAC-approved local partners, we can offer certified trainings on the SAC’s Higg Index and how to work with it, and we can conduct verification of your facility’s environmental module self-assessment.

Factory Assessments: Our assessment program will capture a full view of a factory’s performance related to sustainability criteria and requirements, going beyond a standard audit to ensure you or your supply chain partners achieve the desired status and improve continuously.

Implementation Support: Have you audited your suppliers, but still have the feeling you are standing still on critical issues? This post-assessment improvement program picks up where audits and the corrective action plan leave off. We regularly follow up with your supplier, walking them through the process of implementing tangible and lasting improvements. Our VIA tool can be incorporated for supplier capacity building.

Technical Capacity Building

GoBlu’s local experts have decades of experience delivering industry specific trainings and working with technical professionals to expand their skills. We can offer in-person classroom training, virtual or self-directed training modules, program implementation support, and technical mentoring. We can work with regional groups of suppliers, or on-site for individual suppliers, providing support every step of the way.

Cleaner Production

‘Cleaner Production’ is a proven tool for identifying opportunities and achieving tangible water, energy, chemical, and cost savings in textile and garment production. We will focus on finding no-cost or low-cost improvements that can lead to substantial savings in resources, as well as money. GoBlu’s local Cleaner Production experts have worked with hundreds of factories and helped to save millions of dollars.

Data Management

It is widely recognized that streamlined data management is essential in order to capture performance and demonstrate progress. Complex data sets are often difficult to interpret, to manage and to communicate.

GoBlu can help you: Manage the collection process Translate data from factories into clear and understandable information Facilitate internal and external communication about results Leverage outcomes with factories to support them to improve continuously

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