Do you need to manage supply chain risk across multiple countries? Then check out GoBlu’s Country Risk Reports.

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“Bestseller have incorporated the Country Risk Profiles from GoBlu as part of our due-diligence process in evaluating social and environmental risks in our supply chain.  These risk profiles consolidate large amounts of information and data on a sourcing region into a concise and clear document, specifically relevant for the apparel and footwear industry, and are an excellent and simple way to communicate regional risks to our internal sourcing, supply chain management, buying and senior management teams.  The profiles highlight the gaps between regional laws and the implementation of those laws, supporting a strategic focus on supply chain management needs, and an overview of recent key stories in the news (regional and global) has supported the business to gain deeper insight to the operational environment of sourcing regions.”

—Felicity Tapsell, Environmental Sustainability Manager at Bestseller AS


Specifically developed for the fashion, apparel and textile industry, each four-page report provides up-to-date information on political, social, economic and environmental issues. Covering major sourcing destinations, the reports rate social and environmental risk against essential code of conduct issues. Reports include:

  • Brands sourcing in each country (as per publicly available databases)

  • Summary of key risks supplemented with major stories in the media from the previous 12 months

  • Key stakeholders, including multi-stakeholder initiatives

  • A one-page analysis of potential gaps between local laws and a generic fashion industry code of conduct (comprising nine items)

If you would like to preview a full four-page report, contact Lars Doemer at