GoBlu’s new chemical management app helps brands gain full picture on chemical usage throughout global supply chains.

In response to rising concern over toxic chemicals in the fashion industry, sustainability accelerator GoBlu International has created an easy-to-use app which will revolutionize chemical management in global supply chains.

The BHive app uses OCR technology to allow manufacturing facilities to take smartphone photos of chemical product labels, and within seconds identify which products meet the sustainability requirements of many brands/retailers. Upon upload, all scanned chemicals are cross-referenced with the BHive’s database—currently backed by over 45,000 chemical products—and the system automatically generates a full and accurate chemical inventory. Facilities can then see which chemicals they should keep using and which they should phase out—all at a glance.


Traditionally, many brands and retailers have struggled to collect good quality information from the wet processing facilities engaged in dyeing, washing, and printing. In many cases, data collected would require manual screening by individuals with specialized technical knowledge, which was time consuming and potentially unreliable.

With the BHive, technical expertise isn't required to gather data on the factory side, or to interpret it on the brand side. Brands and retailers already using the BHive are most excited about their new ability to see chemical data from various supply chain partners all collected in one place, and the way the system lets them instantly and visually assess compliance levels.

Major companies currently piloting the BHive include Bestseller, Lindex, Orsay, Bay City, Baumhueter International, Brands Fashion, Güldenpfennig, Li & Fung, Lidl, Lindex, Solidaridad, SympaTex®, Tchibo, Varner and Wünsche Group. The BHive database is also supported by major industry standard holders and chemical manufacturers including; GOTS, OEKO-TEX®, Anoky, Argus, Atul, Beyond Surface, CHT, Chroma, Colourtex, Dr. Petry, DyStar, Eksoy, Everlight Chemicals, HEIQ, Jihua Group, Jinji Dyestuffs, Lonsen, Pidilite, Nearchemica, Rossari, Rudolf Group, Runtu, Setas, S&D Chemicals, Taiwan Surfactant, Transfar, Wholewin and Yorkshire Group. So far, 100 facilities located across Bangladesh, China, India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Romania, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Vietnam are enrolled into the BHive system.

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Felicity Tapsell, Environmental Sustainability Manager at Bestseller AS, says “At Bestseller, we are working toward some ambitious sustainability goals over the next few years. For us to achieve these goals we need accurate data at our fingertips. We’ve found the BHive to be just what we need. We’ve never before had this kind of transparency regarding our suppliers’ chemical use, and the best part is that it is so easy to understand. BHive is enabling us to realize the changes we want to see, and it’s been much simpler than we imagined.”

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“OEKO-TEX® recognizes the importance of a tool like the BHive, where brands and producers can view and compare the safety of chemicals. This kind of transparency is paramount for creating a sustainable supply chain.” says Jonathan Wehrli, Product Manager for ECO PASSPORT and ACP at OEKO-TEX®.

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“Increased speed and reduced workload are the major benefits we are already seeing from using the BHive to implement our new MRSL. We see these benefits within our own business as well as on the supply chain side, and feedback from our supplier is really positive. Our aim is to roll the BHive out to our global supply chain,” said Anna-Karin Dahlberg, Corporate Sustainability Manager at Lindex.

One thing we really value about The BHive is how easy it is to use from a brand perspective. You can tell that it was created with user friendliness in mind. The BHive supports our due diligence approach by visualizing potential risks related to the use of hazardous chemicals and by easing the tracking of the progress made in phasing out such chemicals,” notes Yvonne Swoboda, Team Leader Corporate Responsibility at Orsay.

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GoBlu is proud of the traction the BHive is gaining in the industry, and eager to see the impact as more and more brands and factories begin to use the system. “Over the years, we have witnessed how wet processing facilities struggled to provide clear and correct information in terms of which chemical products they use on site and whether those products met brand requirements,” says Lars Doemer, Managing Director of GoBlu International. “We are confident that this scalable, cost-effective, and simple-to-use app will bring visibility to the chemicals used by these facilities. By enabling this new level of transparency, we hope to spark action and together shift towards a cleaner supply chain.”

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