Brands and retailers

Project Just updates and/or adds info on new brands: Project Just – an initiative to increase transparency in the fashion industry – has added and/or updated information on threemore brands; DieselImogene + Willie, and Pact (05 Oct 16).

Project Just gives Chanel low marks for transparency: “They set the trends, so shouldn’t they set the standard for the best manufacturing practices?” But when Project Just went looking, they came up virtually empty handed (05 Oct 16).

Interbrand releases Best Global Brands 2016 list: Interbrand has released a list of what it believes are the top 100 brands globally. On the list, in order (rank in brackets plus % move up or down YOY) are: Nike (18, +9%), Louis Vuitton (19, +8%), H&M (20, +2%), Zara (27, +19%), Hermes (34, + 17%), Gucci (53, +6%), Adidas (60, +16%), Prada (81, -12%), Burberry (83, -9%), and Ralph Lauren (98, -12%) (Oct 16).

South Moon Under launches jeans takeback scheme for October: South Moon Under has a page up on its website for customers to find stores that will take back jeans for recycling this month (Oct 16).

Trump ties made in China: A very long story about the search for a factory that makes Trump’s ties in China. Quite an interesting read if you have time. My key takeaway was that the factory, when located, said they made about one million ties for Trump every year. That’s a lot of people wearing ties for Trump (05 Oct 16).

VF joins Bangladesh PaCT: VF has joined 12 other brands in the Bangladesh Partnership for Cleaner Textile (PaCT) programme, which aims to reduce excessive groundwater extraction and surface water pollution, energy and chemical use (05 Oct 16).

Update on chemical tank deaths in Pakistan reveals Levi’s link: Last week I reported on three deaths in a Pakistan factory chemical tank. The factory where the accident occurred has since been named as Indigo Textile, which according to the National Trade Unions Federation (NTUF) deputy general secretary Nasir Mansoor is the largest producer for Levi’s in Pakistan. It is also alleged that police (as of 06 October) had yet to investigate the death, and there has been no response from the factory (06 Oct 16).

The Human Thread tells Macy’s and Kohl’s to put fair trade on the racks: The Human Thread, a Catholic advocacy group for garment workers, launched a national postcard campaign last month that asks Macy’s and Kohl’s to add a fair trade clothing item to their department store racks and shelves (08 Oct 16). You can see an example of the postcard at the headline link.

Deckers Brands joins UN Global Compact: Deckers Brands announced last week that it has officially joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the world’s largest voluntary corporate citizenship initiative (05 Oct 16).

Reports, Guidelines and Standards

German Government makes 2020 sustainable textile pledge: Ecotextile News reports that by 2020 half of all textiles purchased by the German Government will be from sustainable production sources (04 Oct 16 – Note: Subscription required to read full article).

The future of textiles, and creating sustainable fashion through cradle to cradle design: This is a webinar with William McDonough who, with Michael Braungart, launched the design framework known as “Cradle to Cradle” in their seminal book of the same name. Click on the headline link to find out more about the webinar with him. Should be interesting at the very least.

Sustainable Fashion

Eco-friendly fashion catches on in Singapore: Mentions local brands/retailers Matter and Touch The Toes (06 Oct 16).

Ethically Clothed: Retailer in Singapore, aiming to provide a sanctuary for ethically-minded consumers to source sustainable products from designers who share the same passion in fashion.

James & Co.: An Australian company making only ethical vegan leather, vegan suede, faux fur and cruelty free fabric jackets and coats.


SAC and Lenzing join the World Apparel & Footwear Lifecycle Assessment Database: The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and Austrian fibre company Lenzing have officially joined the World Apparel and Footwear Lifecycle Database (WALDB) as partners (05 Oct 16). Press release here (PDF).

Oeko-Tex launches new chemical management tool (in German): Oeko-Tex has developed a new tool to help companies meet commitments to the Greenpeace Detox campaign. Called Detox to Zero, it allows manufacturers along the textile supply chain to manage chemical status wastewater quality, assess sludge and provide a credible independent verification document (10 Oct 16).

Four new value chain affiliates commit to the ZDHC programme: The Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) programme has announces four new contributors committed to a vision of widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry to protect consumers, workers and the environment. They are: ADEC Innovations (an investor), Lanzhou Ketian New Materials (leather producer), PrimeAsia Leather Corporation, and Stahl Holdings BV (chemicals for leather).

The Supply Chain

Health hazards shorten industrial careers in Vietnam, says study: A recent study from the National Institute of Labour Protection under the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour revealed that diseases such as blood shortage, blood sugar reduction and otorhinolaryngology diseases are common diseases for workers (05 Oct 16).

Cambodia wages talks model for other countries: Three years after the International Labour Organisation and the government instituted Cambodia’s tripartite minimum wage process, the practice is set to be exported to nearby garment exporting countries like Bangladesh and Myanmar (06 Oct 16).

Fire at Bangladesh spinning mill, building collapses: The fire, at Jamuna Spinning Mill, started in the denim recycling section, rapidly engulfing finishing, knitting, cotton and spinning sections. (02 Oct 16).

World’s top 3 green factories in Bangladesh: The three environment-friendly garment and textile factories named are: Envoy Textiles, Remi Holdings and Plummy Fashions (09 Oct 16).

Occupational safety and health training in Bangladesh to benefit 800,000 apparel factory workers: 800,000 ready-made garment workers from 585 factories across the country will receive training on occupational safety and health program designed by the International Labour Organisation’s International Training Centre in Turin (12 Oct 16).

BSR partners with supply chain initiatives on three-year project for women’s empowerment: BSR has announced a new collaboration with supply chain networks for women’s empowerment in global supply chains. The partners are: Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), The Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI), International Council of Toy Industries CARE Foundation (ICTI CARE), The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), and Sedex (03 Oct 16).

Myanmar ministry looks to amend labour laws, pressed to add jail terms: Workers’ representatives have demanded an amendment that would see employers imprisoned if they habitually fail to follow rules relating to labour disputes. In September 2014 the Labour Dispute Law was amended to include a maximum K1 million ($6,185) fine, which labour unions say is too easy to pay off. (10 Oct 16).

(Image, Onur Bahçıvancılar, CCO)