Ariel Kraten, Director
Co-founder GoBlu • Strategy • Change management • Sustainable development • Environmental mentoring • Training and tools • Sustainable fashion • Communication • Worked at Peace Corps, BBBS International, MADE-BY

Role at GoBlu
Ariel leads GoBlu’s ‘Pillar 1’ work with brands and retailers, including strategy development, training and capacity building, and implementation. 

Sustainability Journey
Serving with the Peace Corps in Suriname from 2004-2006, Ariel experienced firsthand what it feels like to have limited access to clean water, and how that impacted the health and wellbeing of her remote Amazon community.  In addition to helping her village design, construct, and successfully switch on its first clean running water system, Ariel also led a number of other projects linked to sustainable development, leading to adventures such as a short stint with a United Nations disaster response team, representing her village to the national parliament, and accidentally running her first marathon.

Ariel then spent five years working with Big Brothers Big Sisters International, an NGO focused on mentoring, where she was fascinated by the challenge of rolling out a program in over a dozen different countries with different cultures and challenges. She then moved abroad again, this time to the Netherlands. She shifted her focus specifically to sustainability concerns linked to the apparel and textiles industry, working for four years at the sustainable fashion consultancy MADE-BY, most recently as a Senior Consultant, where her focus was on creating support tools for brands and helping them develop and apply the right sustainability strategy in light of environmental challenges.  She enjoys making more technical topics, such as dyeing, approachable and interesting for product teams as well as CR teams, helping to build their knowledge, confidence, and impact. 

Ariel was awarded a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Nonprofit Leadership/Leadership for Social Change and incorporates a group dynamics perspective into her work. 

Accelerating Sustainability
Ariel promotes more conscious decision-making in light of sustainability concerns and global interconnections, as well as business priorities.
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